Visiting a dentist in UAE is safer than ever

In light of the current situations, a lot of you must be wondering is it safe to visit a dental clinic in Dubai. With the ease of restrictions, dentistry clinics are open for the patients in the UAE. For any of you who were putting off the treatment due to COVID-19, this is welcome news. But the question here is, is it safe? It is definitely safe! The dental department of Wecare medical center is back to serve you and this time we are staying at the forefront of safety precautions for our patients and our dental team by providing 100% protection against microbial infections including COVID-19.

Wecare has established an infection control plan that places patient and staff safety first is the rationale behind this new best practice. The changes are clearly evident as soon as you enter the dental clinic. The seating arrangements that encourage social distancing. Magazines and newspapers and remote controls cleared off from the waiting rooms. Staff checks each and every patient's temperature without contact, information is collected beforehand from the patient for COVID-19 symptoms. Though Wecare dental clinic in Dubai has always upheld safety protocols and has been proactive to follow a systematic approach towards best infection control practices since inception, post-pandemic, we have gone far and wide for each one of your safety.

Here’s how Wecare, the best dental hospital near you is prepared for Dental Appointment safety during Covid-19 The dental department in Wecare pledges to keep you and your family safe whenever you enter our clinic by following stringent safety protocols without fail.

  1. Wecare staff members will keep up-to-date records of all the patients visiting our dental clinic in Dubai even before their arrival. All patients will receive a call before the appointment about their current health and the health of the people they live with.
  2. At WeCare, each team member completed advanced COVID-19 safety training. Though we are equipped with exceptional infection control procedures to keep you safe from sicknesses and other microbial infections. Now, we have included those skills with additional COVID-19 awareness and prevention information to protect you during the pandemic.
  3. Patients entering the clinic have their temperatures checked and go through screening to check COVID-19 symptoms.
  4. We've enhanced our cleaning practices, especially in our waiting rooms, bathrooms, and high-touch surfaces.
  5. In addition to standard covid protocols, our dental team carries out high-level disinfection of the treatment area with strong disinfectants and covering all contact points such as handles, computer keypads, pens, ipads, etc. with disposable coverings. Physical and chemical sterilizations are performed in the facilities in order to eliminate and destroy all forms of bacterial life.
  6. Our dental staff is fully covered up with personal protective equipment (PPE), including fit-tested respirator masks, face shields to prevent cross-contamination, and fresh gowns for each patient.
  7. Our wait rooms are rearranged and our clinics have modified their check-in process to minimize contact. 
  8. The patient will be requested to rinse their mouth with an antibiotic oral rinse
  9. Every day as we begin our day, We initiate health checks for our team members. This includes a quick health questionnaire and a no-touch temperature check. This way, you can rest assured that every team member is ready, prepared, and able to provide safe dental care.
  10. A follow-up call will be made from our office in 24 hours and after a week in order to ensure that the patients are in the best of their health.

A toothache or other mouth pain can make it difficult to get through your day or spoil your best sleep. But during COVID-19, you might think you don’t have options to address your dental issues. Though the pandemic has changed our lives in many different ways, your focus should be to stay healthy during this time. Your oral health is a part of your overall well-being. And if you’re having any issues call us and book an appointment today. We assure you that you can access the best dental care, at an affordable price from the best dentists in Dubai.

It’s very important that you, as a patient, are comforted by the measures that are being taken. All changes that have been made for the safety of staff and patients alike.If in doubt, call Wecare medical center help desk and ask them what changes they have made in the dental clinic and to your routine appointment. They will be able to explain everything to put your mind at ease and reassure you. We know it is not easy right now, but we are doing our very best and support all of our patients with their dental needs.