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Consult highly qualified doctors online in UAE. Our doctors in Wecare will give you the required medical opinion after the diagnosis of your health issue. Book an appointment now with UAE doctors consultation online.
Faster Test Results
Wecare ensures people are not forced to wait for days to get test results. Our laboratories support the latest advancements in technology, new methodologies, and high-end equipment that render better and error-free results with a faster turnaround time.
Same day Doctor Appointments
Wecare provides same-day appointments for primary care & selected specialties. You can check the doctor's schedule and make your appointment online on the very same day.
Walk-in care
Walk-in to Wecare without an appointment. Primary care services for minor illnesses, chronic disease flare-ups, preventive care, and general complaints you wish to have addressed today.
Rush on-demand
Get quick care without an appointment for common conditions and everyday health concerns with Rush On Demand. It’s easier than ever with our convenient ways to consult a specialist, including online virtual visits.
Affordable Blood Tests
We provide numerous Blood test packages with best quality at an affordable price in Dubai. Our results are quick and inexpensive compared to every hospital outpatient tests.
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Is it safe to visit Wecare during Covid-19?

We have detailed and thorough plans for patient care and protecting staff. We have implemented measures to protect our patients and associates by observing strict protocols to keep you safe and to help prevent the spread of COVID–19. Wecare have taken measures to ensure that people with fever, cold and cough are treated separately, where they will be examined by specialists in infectious diseases.

How do I schedule medical appointments with a specialist at Wecare?

You or your attendant can contact us via telephone, fax, email or letter. Details are available at the Contact us section of our website.

What are the Visiting hours for IPD Patients?

5:30 pm - 7: 30 pm.

When making a medical appointment what information must I provide?

You must provide all relevant information on your medical condition, including scans, medical history, and current medication etc.

What are the Diagnostic Imaging Services available at the Hospital?

Biplane neuro X-ray system with two large flat detectors provides full body coverage for vascular applications, Integrated 3D solution for a biplane neuro X-ray system allows real-time 3D reconstructions. Instant recall and viewing of CT, MR and previous X-ray cases in angio suite. CT-like imaging in the neuro suite that enables clinicians to assess soft tissue, bone structure and other body structures before, during or after an interventional procedure. CT Scan - 128 slides : This provides faster as well as excellent quality images at low dose and is of significant benefit in the assessment of cardiac, coronary and vascular structures. Comprehensive Imaging system - The hospital is also equipped with all imaging and radiographic equipment which includes DEXA, mammography, 2 digital x-rays, 3 ultrasound machines with CT & MRI

Visiting Guidelines for ICU?

Only one person can visit the ICU at a time.The timing of visit to ICU is 11am to 12pm & 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

Can a family member spend a night with the Patient? Will this be at an extra cost?

Single family member / attendant can stay with the patient. There are no additional costs. However, we are limiting the number of visitors allowed at this time to help keep our campuses safe for care in the COVID-19 environment.

Is there a waiting list?

Some areas have more requests for appointments than they have availability. When that happens, some departments do keep a waiting list. Other areas accommodate appointments with very little wait time. The best way to determine appointment availability is to Contact our help desk.

Do I need a referral?

Wecare medical center generally doesn't require a doctor's referral.

Can I be seen for conditions other than my primary concern?

Wecare medical center practices integrated medicine. That means providers across different clinical areas work closely together to assess more than one condition. If you have a list of health concerns, include that information in your initial appointment request. That will help our appointment specialists best plan your visit.

What language does the staff speak in your hospital?

All our staff speak fluent English. A language interpreter can be arranged for you in case you wish to converse in your native language.